Who's your Were-Hunter mate?

Who's your Were-Hunter mate?

Curious as to which of the were-hunters from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series you'll be mated to. Would it be Vane, Fury, Fang, or one of the Peltier's. Be true to your heart and take your time.

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You're in the swamp and see a were-bear taking pictures of the scenery. What do you do?

Say hello to the girl. After all, she is my sister.
Growl threateningly until she leaves. I have young to protect.
Tell the other wolves to back off. She's the precious daughter of the people who own Sanctuary.
Would be at home taking care of my pregnant sister.

Daimon attack. What do you do?

Bust heads.
Protect my family.
Rip them to shreds.
Can't do anything unless they started it first. Come in peace or leave in pieces.

The person you wanted to be mated to accidently gets mated to your twin, what happens next?

Rip them to shreds
Get perpetual PMS (Not just for females)
Mope around and not speak to him ever again.
Try and get her back, even if it means causing my sibling pain

Why not? Favorite color

sedate colors
earth tones
anything easy on the eyes

Animal (If you read the book than you will know which fits who you want)

White timber wolf
Grizzly bear
Brown wolf
White timber wolf with brown spot on its paw

Sibling asks a favor. Response?

Growls at them and then leaves
Agrees, then forgets one crucial detail, what do you tell their mate.
Currently in comatose like state
Agrees and then regrets it.


Is okay
Want to keep my mate safe and am willing to become impotent if they are human and ignorant of my world.
Why would I try that disaster again?
Does Lone Wolf mean ANYTHING to you.

You switch from Katagaria (Were-hunter with animal hearts) to Arcadian (Were-Hunter with human hearts) or vice versa at puberty. What do you do?

Hide it from every member of my pack, especially my mother and siblings.
Tell siblings but keep it hidden from every one else until I take control of father's pack.
Never happened to me, but I'll keep a secret.

Black, Red, Brown, White


True Love, Soulmates, the Fates being b*&#%s, Random

True love

Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Choose one of the numbers and let fate decide the final answer.