What should you do this Summer?

What should you do this Summer?

Summer is coming up, and if you don't want to sit in front of a computer all day, take this quiz to see what to do.

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How would you describe yourself?


What is your ideal pet?

A cat
Something low maintenance, like a fish
A chameleon.
I'm never around to take care of them...
A dog

What is your future job? (liked when I'm older dream job, job)

The boss of a big company, and I'm getting there
Something fun like a cupcake tester.
A shop worker, like at a clothing store.
Something where I can travel places, like a nature photographer.
I want to be a stay/work at home kind of person.

What do you want your Summer job to be?

Uhhh, do we need one because I would rather not.
Travel agency.
Party planner.
Face painter.
An intern.

Where do you want to travel to?

Paris because I can shop.
Las Vegas because party.
Anywhere, so I can take a break.
Anywhere I haven't been.
Somewhere fun and colorful.

What is the best way to cool off?

Hunger games style, if you get splashed, you're out.
Fan, that's the quickest way.
Water fight with all my friends.
It depends...
In a gorgeous pool.

If you received $1,000 right now what would you do with it?

Travel to *insert destination*
Shopping spree!
Buy myself some free time.
Throw an epic party.
All of the above.

How would you spend a free night?

With my friends.
Throw/attend a party.
Researching the best places to visit.

Which club sounds most appealing?

Sorry, no time for clubs.
Art Club.
Around the World Club.
Fashion Club.
Any club seems fine.

Will you have an end of school party?

Oh yeah, the plans are made, food in process...
No, to busy.
I would go to one, but not throw one.

What do you do do in your spare time?

Ha, what free time.
I would do anything as long as it's fun.
The mall is cool.
I do normal things...
I like hanging out with my friends.

What is your normal hairstyle?

Something quick, like a bun.
I put thought into my hair, it always needs to be neat.
It's neat but not, like, a neat messy bun? Is that a thing?
I don't really have a specific, style, it just changes.
I'm always meeting someone, or going out in public so it should be good.

What is the status of your bedroom?

Haha, uhh...messy.
Messy, but I know where things are.
Neat, with a few things astray.
Always organized, I need to know where everything is always.

What is your favorite food?

Regular, quick, good.
Ethnic food.
Fast food.

What are you looking forward to this Summer?

Doing fun things and no school!
Hanging out with my friends.
No schoolwork, no school, all day to do nothing and/or everything.
More free time.