What Magical Power Are You?

What Magical Power Are You?

Have you ever wondered, "What if I had a magical power?" Well, what if you could? Which would you have? Well, this Quiz will decide for you! The six powers are: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Ice, and Animal Powers.

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Hello! I am Owlz. I will be giving you your Powers today. It may be a quiz, but it'll be worth it. In the end you get your powers.

A quiz? Seriously?
I don't have time for this, I want my powers now.
Sounds nice.
Oh, ok! Fun!

If I say, "Perfect Vacation", what image comes to your mind?

A wide, blue ocean with gentle waves lapping at the shores.
An exciting, rock-climbing and zip lining experience.
A spa where I can get pampered.
A big city with amazing food and kind people.
A rich forest hike with deep greens and sunlight peeking through the trees.
A visit to our relative's countryside barn with open fields and sky for miles.

If you were to have to choose one pet that could live forever, what would it be? It can be any animal, too!

Maybe an owl or rabbit.
A cat, or maybe a bird.
A dolphin or fish that would swim with me.
A tiger or lion!
A dog! Or cat! Or anything!!!
A poodle, or something fancy and cool.

Pick a color, please.

Light colors
Grey or Light Blue

Which out of these is your biggest Pet Peeve?

People who think they're better than me.
Animal abuse!
Mean people.
Annoying people.
Bad weather.
Environment destruction.

You win a million dollars! What do you do with it?

Give it to charity.
Buy a swimming pool for my backyard.
Spa day!
Donate it to an animal shelter.
Go for an exotic trip to Rio!
Buy a cool sports car and new getup.

We're nearing the end, so here's my last question: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?


Well, I hate to go, but I'm afraid I have to go calculate your scores.

Oh, jeez, bye!
Just give me my powers.
Bye-bye, I have to go do important things now.
.. goodbye ...