Which animal are you? (4)

Which animal are you? (4)

Fing out which animal are you , find out with this scientificly proven test

published on February 09, 201612 responses 3
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It's the weekend what are you doing

You are going to the mall with your friends
Your going to spend the weekend watching tv
Your going out by yourself even though you were invited to a party
Your going to the playground

It's your birthday what present are you getting

Personal playground

You forgot your homework what do you do

Copy from the person next to you as fast as you can
Nothing , just go up to your teacher and admit it
Say your dog ate it
Demand that homework is a wast of time and your glad you forgot it

You win second in a race what do you do

Congratulate the winner
Steal the trophy and tell everyone you won first
Slump away , and say" I'm never raceing again "
Be proud that you got so far to get second

What's your dream place to live

Beach house
Arctic igloo
Countryside farm house
Desert shed