creepypasta seven minutes in heaven

Look up do I really need a description I am just saying it says the title isn't that all I need?

published on July 22, 2014340 responses 40
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Me: I hello y/n meet Mah creepycuties okay I will be the not so original one okay so fave color mix n

Black and white
Black and red
Green, green, AND MORE green

What song do you like best

Mario theme
Too busy for songs sorry
The slenderman song

Favorite weapon

I have the techniques to hack
I scare kids with my face

Okay favorite videogame

The legend of Zelda series
Baby mama I take babies
I don't have a favorite videogame but I love the killing game

If you were able to change your name and personality which out of these do you want

BETH Drowned awesome hacker gamer girl
Samanthawoman faceless kidnapper
Jade the killer my name says it all

Do you follow people

Yes I will follow you
No I get followed so follow me
I don't do any of that kind of stuff