DO people actually like you

DO people actually like you

This is an interesting almost accurate quiz which can reveal whether you are actually liked by most people by the things you do and say

published on December 28, 201543 responses 15 3.5★ / 5

How do people react when you arrive somewhere?

She/ He is here!

Do you think you fit in with your friends?

They fit in with me
Dont care.

Car runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere whats your reaction!?

What now?
Let me go look for help
Lets camp out here
OH my!

Friend tells you their deepest secret what do you do?

Tell everyone
Talk about it with them
Tell noone and keep it like that
Thank them for letting you know

Do people like talking to you one on one

Nope i dont either
Like duh everyone loves me
Who cares

How confident are you??

So so
im super shy
Who cares
Super confident

Do you like hanging out with friends

not really
nope i prefer hanging out with myself
yeah a lot

What do you think about this quiz

argg get it over already
pretty cool