Which Inanimate Insanity Character Are You?

Which Inanimate Insanity character you must be, well take this quiz to find out!

published on February 17, 2015142 responses 10
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What is your personality?

Random and wacky :P
Well, get your head in the game!
Hateful and rude
A comedian with funny jokes! :3
A born leader, that's what!
A sweet pushover.

What would you do if you had to do a challenge you don't like at all?

Nothing, I'd rather lose!
No time to wait, get moving!
We have to win this!
We can do it as a team! :3

If you were up for elimination, which our of the three would you vote for?


Are you loyal to your teammates?

I'd rather lead them just so that I can be a better leader!
Who needs a team when I'm gonna win?
Totally, we are a perfect alliance!
We are so bright!

Can you control your emotions

No duh, what do you think I am, crazy?! DX<
I'm totally calm
I freak out sometimes :(

Would you share the prize money if you win?

Oh heck no, I'm the one who won!
Of course I will

How smart are you?

Super smart leader, that's what!
Pretty smart
What smart?

What do you do if you are annoyed by someone?

Tell them to back off!
Just please stop!
Can you please be more nicer?

Would you start an alliance? If so, why?

Yes, because I like making friends :3
No, who would!
Yeah, just for the game!