What Asian country are you?

What Asian country are you?

Take this quiz and find out what country in the continent of Asia you're like! You might be surprised...

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An object of yours isn't working. What do you do?

Hit it with your fist and see if it works now
Bring out the tools and try to fix it
Consult the instruction manual
Ask someone for help
Oh well, it's broken. You buy another one
Start yelling at it

What kind of food do you like to eat?

Hearty soups and stews
Savoury meat dishes and stews with rice
Savoury meats with veggies, rice, and spicy pickles
Spicy curry with lentils and veggies
Meat and seafood fried with veggies, rice, and savoury sauces
A light meal of seafood or meat and lots of veggies

Which colour do you like best?

Light blue
Deep blue

What three words describe you best?

Strong, loyal, passionate
Intelligent, fun, sentimental
Creative, smart, thoughtful
Smart, resourceful, traditional
Innovative, proud, smart
Wacky, driven, brave

What kind of guy/girl seems most attractive to you?

Light skin with bright eyes and sharp cheekbones
Tan, olive, or light brown skin with thick dark hair and big eyes
Tan skin with small Asian eyes and dark hair
Brown skin with thick dark hair and big brown eyes
Olive skin with brown eyes and shiny black hair
Light skin with big Asian eyes and dark hair

Which animal do you like best?

Siberian tiger
Bengal tiger
Racoon dog (it looks like a racoon, but it's a dog)

What kind of climate are you most comfortable in?

Warm summers and very cold winters
Hot and dry summers and short, cool winters
Short, hot, humid summers and long, cool, dry winters
Warm and sometimes dry, sometimes very rainy
Hot humid summers and cold, dry winters with short, cool springs and falls
Hot humid summers and mild winters

What kind of desserts do you like to eat?

All sorts of cakes and pastries filled with cream
Sticky candies, cookies, and ice cream with fruit, nuts, and exotic spices
All sorts of bite-size cakes (especially rice cakes)
Sticky fried dough balls, pudding, or ice cream
All sorts of puddings and cookies
Small cakes, dumplings, and ice cream