Are you popular or nerdy

Are you popular or nerdy?Well,u found the perfect quiz to find out!!!!

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A popular girl is having a party and u wait all day and no invite!You...

Walk right up to that girl,put your hands on your hips,and say she is not invited to your party.
Try to reason it out with her.Ask if its just a misunderstanding, then you find out she ran out of invites,and scribbles
her # on a price of paper.
Rush home,right about in it your diary,listen to Taylor Swift,and have a good cry.

Your crush invited u to dinner,but u r grounded!What do u do?

Totally lie to his face and say I can go.its worth it.
Tell him I can't go,and then ask some other night.
Whisper uh oh,then run back home and wish u would just die.

Your in history class and fall asleep.the teacher wakes up by dropping a text book on your desk.everyone laughs.You...

Totally kiss his butt.tell him his tie is so rad.then I turn to the class a and wink.
Sit there shocked with drool dripping from my mouth.mean while i just became the class clown.
Apologize and tell him for punishment she will take extra how.

Kids are talking about u behind your back at lunch.u throw a chocolate milk at the leader of the group which starts a food fight. Your mom grounds u.You...

Tell her I'm not a little kid and too a free american citizen and that I don't need to listen to her.
Moan.She knows best and is the boss.
Have a total've only been grounded very few times.

Your playing dodge ball and last 1 picked(again).You...

Stand by the wall and just have a little pity party. Me:that's showbiz!
Tell the teacher that whoever chose me last did'not have good sportsmanship. MWA HA HA HA!!
Pick up a ball and throw it at him. Me:I like you!