Safe Escape WWFFY part 4

Safe Escape WWFFY part 4

I want to help, we all do, won't you let us help? He wants to help most of all...

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You gasped once your feet were back on the ground. You stumbled, but you were held upright. You heard a door opening and multiple voices. Sonic, Shadow, Silver and Tails were with you. Who helped you from the street were telling the others about had just happened. When you opened your eyes, you were standing in front of a simple, quaint looking house.
“Heh, sorry about all this.” Sonic spoke “We all at forget our 'shortcuts' could make humans ill.”
You looked up at him, he smiled like nothing was wrong, like he didn't just find out the truth about your homelessness.

Running THAT fast would make a girl sick
Teleporting isn't as fun as I'd thought it would be
Flying is amazing...when you get used to it I suppose
^Ditto that -_-U

They lead you up to the front door and open it up, you step into a spacious living room. It's well organized, with a large couch and a flat screen TV. There's a bookshelf in the corner filled with books and other knick knacks.
“This is home sweet home. It's just me, Sonic, Shadow, Silver and Knuckles here. Knux is out at the moment though. You're welcome to stay until you are able to find your own place.” Tails says squeezing your arm reassuringly.

It's great
It's so cosy
I couldn't ask for anything more
I love it, so nice

You look into Tails' eyes. You couldn't possibly ask for this.
“Unless you want to go back to Sapphire's house. I will admit, it is a little more homely there.” Shadow says seeing your look, he says it sternly but you can see the hidden kindness in his words. You gulped. You couldn't face her and tell her what has been going on. She would be disappointed, hurt even. You felt a hand on your back. “It'll be alright, __! Hey, why don't you have a seat and I'll put your plate in the fridge.” Silver offers

Yes, alright
That would be nice
please do
I'm sorry for being such a trouble...

You had almost forgotten about the food that Sapphire had given you. Silver took it and disappeared into the kitchen. You moved hesitantly toward the couch, taking in your surroundings. It was very clean and inviting. You sat down on the couch and sank into it. The cushions were so soft and they enveloped you in a warm feeling that you couldn't recall ever feeling before.You suddenly felt extremely exhausted, your lack of sleep from the night before catching up with you. For a moment, you forgot your troubles and let the comfort of the couch lull you to sleep.


There was a sound of a car door closing outside and the boys realised Knuckles must be home. They decided to step outside, before Knuckles came barging in and woke you up.
“Last time I'm shopping for you guys!” Knuckles greeted them with grocery bags in his arms.
“Hey Knux.” Sonic greeted him. “So, we have some company.”
“Cool, who's the guest?" Knuckles inched closer to the door.
Shadow stood in front of him. “Lower your voice. It's the human that you and Amy Rose helped out. They're asleep on the sofa right now.”


Knuckles stepped back, lowering his voice as best he could “Are they ok?”
"So, our friend in there doesn't really have a place they can stay right now. I offered to let them stay a few nights until they could get back on their feet.” Tails says
Knuckles ponders for a moment. "Do they need anything for when they wake up? I can make some food maybe?" Silver laughed softly.
“That sounds great. How about we all go in and you can get started on the food.” With that everyone enters again.

*rolls over*
*breaths deeply*
*louder snore*

You were gripping the blanket like your life depended on it, holding it around you snug. Walking into the kitchen where Knuckles was preparing dinner, the boys took a seat at the dining table, still looking over at you snoozing on the sofa.They each had a lot of questions. Like, why didn't you speak? Did you have any family? Where did you live before this? How did you end up out on the street?
They all wanted to ask, but they knew you wouldn't tell them until you trusted them...but they couldn't trust you until they had some answers.

I kind of trust Sonic...
I kind of trust Shadow...
I kind of trust Silver...
I kind of trust Tails...