Which of these toad's cd toys are you?

Which of these toad's cd toys are you?

There are six you can get on this quiz but there are more than six toads' cd toys These six have different characters. See which one you are.

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Football Trials?

I'd make a good manager, not player.
I'm talented at Football, I think I have a good shot at the team.
It will be funny to see how bad I am!
I'd make a good centre back, with red cards along the way.
I'll be the club's owner. I'm too unfit to play for 5 minutes, let alone 90!
What's the point? I suck! I'll never make the team!

Would you ever pay for someone else's food in a restaurant?

Would you ever pay for someone else's food in a restaurant?
If they really need me to.
If it means they like me
We can decide who pays by playing snakes and ladders
Depends on my mood
Definitely not, I collect £50 notes
Yeah, I love making people happy

Your team is on the attack, you are in a position where you could score, what do you do?

Get it on my head
Go for goal
Shove the keeper away and shoot
Pass to someone else I am going to miss
I would bribe the keeper to let me score
I'd shoot and see how badly I miss

What would you do on a talent show?

Talent shows are lame.
Whatever, I'll still win.
Telling jokes is my talent.
I'd just bribe the judges!
Probably weightlifting or other strength-orientated things.
Nothing. I'm too nervous.

What is your idea of paradise.

What is your idea of paradise.
For everyone to bow before me.
Some city with incredible night life.
To be the richest person there ever is or was
Where everyone else is fun to be around and you can have a good time
To fight in the UFC Heavyweight class
To swim with dolphins and turtles in Hawaii where they are free

What food do you like

What food do you like
New York Burgers and Pizza
Spicy Mexican
Deserts all the way
Caviar from Harrods
Good old British Fish and Chips

There is a fire in burj Khalifa You are going to die: you either have to burn in a tall building or jump out the window to death.

There is a fire in burj Khalifa You are going to die: you either have to burn in a tall building or jump out the window to death.
I'd rather perish in the flames
Jump, My lovely soul can't get burnt
I would throw others in the flames so I could jump out the window first
I'd let others jump first and let me burn in the fire
I burn with my heart and soul
Jump and have some fun while jumping for the last time.

will you go to heaven or hell (where do you think you'll go)

Heaven, for my leadership skills
Heaven, who would send me to hell
Probably hell you know
St. Peter would look at my inferiority and send me to hell
I wouldn't leave St. Peter without a fight to go up
I'm not worried about that, let's enjoy our lives while weve got them

What is your fave sport

Football, being the manager
Any one I'm good at them all
I love boxing or cage fighting
Any sport, I'll be on the subs for all of them
Me? Sports? Huh there are better things to do
Beach Volleyball

Spanish, French or German: Which language do you prefer

Spanish, French or German: Which language do you prefer
All of them. So I can pass my orders to foreigners
I'm fluent in every one
I love the aggression in German
Spanish is the calmest one, that's why it is my faverouite
Lots of the world speaks French so french
Italian, wasn't that a choice

You didn't make the football team, what do you do

I wasn't going to, I am better at other things
I'll try for manager instead
What! They don't know my talent
Maybe I am a bit of a fouler
I won't let go of my position without a fight
Chin up, there is always next year

Which 'Friends' character are you most like

Monica, definitely
Not really any, I am too rough

Have you been camping

Have you been camping
Yeah, it is so COOL
I lead where everyone goes
Yeah, we can have BBQs and parties at night
Yeah, all the fun exploring somewhere new
Why? Go to a Holliday home instead, it is less work and less filthy

How much does Football mean to you

Not that much
I'd rather party for 90 minutes but watching football is quite fun
Nothing, why so much seriousness over a game
I hate kissball, the players need to man up when they get touched
My life and death
A bit more than the middle

A bear is chasing your little sister what do you do.

She deserves to be eaten
I'm way more important than her, I wouldn't die for her
Fight the bear.
I'd push her away from the bear and run
I'd save her otherwise I would be really guilty the rest of my life. Even if it risks death
She'd be eaten before I could decide.

Do you like Disney

No, It's for babies
I love trying to spot the adult jokes
Yeah, it is so much fun watching Disney movies
I prefer marvel
I like pirates of the Carribean but that's it
Yeah, they make me feel happy

In a group activity would you want to be leader


Would you go clubbing on a Friday night


Does money make the world go round


What is your faverouite UK city