WWFFY - Sonic, Silver and shadow (6)

Part 6! You and Sonic go out to town together, make sure Amy isn't watching you! :P

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WWFFY - Sonic, Silver and shadow (6)
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"Sure!" You say, grinning wildly. "Let's go now then!" Sonic smiles, grabbing your hand and tugging you out of the door. Amy watches you, looking a bit jealous. You can't help but not caring for what Amy is feeling, all you care about is enjoying the moment. Aurey waves goodbye to you and joins in with Shadow and Silver on the video games.

Bye Amy! Gonna miss you! NOT -_-
Byeee Aureeey (baii! :D)
I don't want to go! :I

You and Sonic arrive at town in a matter of minutes. You look around, in awe. "Woah.." You say. The town square is HUGE! A load of shops and cafes around. "Where should we go first, ___?" Sonic asks you. "Hmm..you think."

The shops! I wanna buy some new clothes!
Cafe! I'm hungry!
I don't care! I wanna go home!

"How about the..." You start, before getting distracted by a huge bang. Smoke rises from a building and you can hear screams and cries of the people.

What was that?!?!?!
I know who it is! It's (*muffles you* Shh.shh..don't need to say anything..It's not who you think it is...) OnO
What the hell?

You and Sonic look in the direction of the bang and Sonic growls. "___, go home. Now!" He commands, putting his hands on your shoulders and steering you out of the town square.

B-but...Sonic! I want to stay here with you T-T
Finally! :I

"But..." "Quickly! Go go go!" He gives you a small, light shove and you quickly run out of the town. Meanwhile, back at the house, everyone jumps at the sound of the bang. "It's coming from town!" Aurey says, jumping up quickly. "___ is there! Do you think..." She looks at Shadow and Silver, biting her nails. Silver puts the game on pause and stands up. "I think so.." He mumbles. "Shadow, get Tails!". Shadow gets up, nods and runs off to find Tails (probably in his lab). Aurey runs upstairs in her pj's and quickly gets changed. 'Oh god, oh god, oh god. This isn't good!' She thinks and runs back downstairs, wearing a plain black t-shirt with straps and a blue mini skirt. Amy walks into the living room and stares at Aurey. "Sonic is there in town too! I hope he's safe.." She says, worrying.

What is happening?! I wanna know! (you will know..soon..) D:
:O Uh oh..
Tell me... :I

You arrive back at the house and raise your hand to knock on the door. Before you knock you feel a hand grab you by the waist and a hand covers your mouth. You try to scream but it's muffled by the hand. You get pulled into the woods near by the house..

:O What what what what?!?!
:o omg