which Hogwarts house would you be in? (3)

which Hogwarts house would you be in? (3)

find out if you are in gryffindor, ravenclaw, slytherin or hufflepuff with this quiz!

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if you were In harrys shoes when his name was called out in the goblet of fire, what would you do?

jump out of my seat and stride to the front, take a bow and sweep out the room. I like attention.
do exactly what harry did. lower myself in my chair and hide.
try and run out the hall.
make no fuss and walk to the front in silence, then quietly ask the proffeser whats going on.
atomatically shout what then giggle along with everyone who laughs and compolatly forget the fact your name has been called. then walk to the front, do a little jig then walk away... cuz im cool like dat!

don't kill me... fave colour?

green or white.
any colour/depends on mood
blue of brown. maybe even purple
yellow or pink.
reds and oranges.

its your first year at Hogwarts and the great harry potter bumps into you, what would you say?

hey harry! im in ___-___-___-___ house! I really love you, you know!
oh look! the oh so famous potter! well, youre not everything are you potter, youre as clumsy as you are famous!
hi! harry potter right! Gryffindor? did you know you are more famous than 16% of the world. I have a spell for crowd repelling if you want it?
hi ummm sorry*blushes wildly* im an idiot... ill get out of your way...
hi... my name is ___-___-___-___! sorry I bumped into you but you know! this school is so full its about to burst! youre bound to bump into someone!

choose a sweet?

chocolate frogs
sherbet lemons
sugar quills
anything with toffee
bertie botts every flavour beans.

who would you trust most in the world?

my family
my minions
my friends

which subject do you prefer?

charms + dada
herbology +dada
potions +dada
all of them.
transfiguration + dada