Team Chaotix wwffy (Halloween Edition part 2)

Team Chaotix wwffy (Halloween Edition part 2)

Welcome to the land of the dead. Hope you have fun being dead as well as the others.

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"___! Wake up!" You woke up laying in the snow. You saw Mighty, you think, he looked like person from The Nightmare Before Christmas. "Mighty?" "Yeah... um, hi ___." He said holding out his hand.

OMG! Are we dead? (Ezra: He he he, sorry)
^ WHAT?!
*Takes Mighty's hand* Thanks Mighty (Mighty: Are you okay?) No! We're dead!
Why Ezra? WHY?! (Ezra: Because i can, and i will, and i want to)

You looked at your self and saw that you looked like a rag doll. "What am I?" "One of those voodoo dolls." Mighty answered. "And you are?" "A... zombie I think." He said laughing. You couldn't help, but laugh a little. "So... where is everybody else?" Mighty pointed to a little town. "We have to go there." You said. Mighty frowned and looked scared even.

Mighty, what's wrong?
You can stay here if you wish. (Mighty: If I do, who will protect you?)
Come on Mighty, we have to find the others (Mighty: Okay)
Thanks for brining us here Ezra (Ezra: No problem)

"Okay let's go." He took your hand and led you towards the town.

*Blush* Mighty's holding my hand (Ezra: Someone has a crush!)
Ew let go of me! (Ezra: Rude much?)
Wait? Do I see dead people? (Ezra: Yep!)
Ezra! Where are you? (Ezra: ...)

You looked around and saw dead people. You walked closer to Mighty (Because you were freaked out a little no matter what you say!). Mighty blushed, but you guys kept walking. "There you guys are!" You looked around and saw Ezra and Espio. They were both skelingtons except, Ezra was was wearing a light blue wedding dress that was ripped and her hair was curly and short. Espio was wearing a black tux with white stripes.

Ezra... you look very pretty. (Ezra: oh stop it)
Espio! I'm so glad that we found you (Ezra: Oh sure, forget that I'm even here!)
You guys look so cute together
Where are the rest of the guys (Ezra: Around here somewhere)

Without knowing what you were doing, you ran up and were going to hug Ezra, but the yarn on your leg came off. Your leg came off and you fell. "__!" Espio came running over to you and help you balance on your one leg. Ezra sew your leg back on. "You'll have to get use to walking okay?" Ezra said. You nodded and got back up. "Now, let's go see where Charmy and Vector went."

*Blushes* Thanks Espio (Espio: No problem) (Ezra: >:( )
Thanks Ezra (Ezra: Anytime)
I'm SO embarrassed!
Yeah, let's find them and get out of here!

"Let's find them and get out of here!" Mighty said. "Oh come on Mighty, this place isn't THAT bad." Ezra said. You guys seperated and you headed towards the center of the town.

Oh no, seperating is NEVER good
Aw, Mighty must be scared to death (Ezra: HA! No pun intended)
Charmy! Vector! Where are you!
... (Ezra: What? You scared?) *Nods*

"Hello, are you lost?" You looked behind you and saw another monster. "Um..." "Don't be scared, I was apart of Team Chaotix too." He walked closer to you and you saw that he was holding a knife. Charmy was dressed up as devil and flew in front of you. "You fond her Ray!" He said. "Stay close." He whispered to you.

RAY! That was Ray? (Ezra: Oh so you know him too?) YES!
YAY! Charmy to the recuse
What happend to Ray? (Ezra: He betrayed the team and ended up jumping off a cliff)
^ That's just awful! (Ezra: *Starts crying* I know!)

Charmy took your hand and flew you over to a cliff in a cemetary. The moon here was REALLY big. "Charmy..." "I know, I know, your welcome. Are you okay?" You nodded. "Good, I couldn't live with my self if something happened to you." He said hugging you.

*Hugs back* Thanks Charmy
Hey! It's the cliff scene from The Nightmare Before Christmas
^ How come we keep refering to this movie? (Ezra: Because I'm watching it :D)
^ LOL! Ezra! (Ezra: :D )

You couldn't help it, but cry. "I just want to get out of here!" You said crying into his chest. "It's okay. We'll get out of here by the end of this quiz." "You bet we will." You looked up and saw everybody with Vector, who was a mummy. "Come on." Ezra said. You got up and as they lead you down the cliff. "Everybody hold hands." Ezra said holding Espio and Mighty's hands. Whose did you hold.

Espio and Vector
Mighty and Charmy
Charmy and Vector
Mighty and Espio (Ezra: I'm already holding their hands)

"Now close your eyes and say Halloween ounce for your self and then say trick or treat 6 times." Ezra said. You did exactly that and found your self back in the cemetary.

Happy Halloween!
Trick or Treat!
I hate this holiday