Which Undertale monster are you?

Which Undertale monster are you?

My quiz is going to be, "What Undertale character are you?" Are you fabulous like Mettaton, silly like Papyrus, heroic like Undyne, lazy like Sans? Find out if you fit any of these possible character traits, and more!

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What's your favourite food?

fast food.
Protein rich foods and fruit!
Pie, especially with elements of cinnamon or butterscotch.
Brain foods, but I don't like fish.
I don't often feel up to eating many foods.
Foods that look Instagram worthy, of course!
The flesh of anything living.

What is your favourite genre of music?

i'm not picky.
I don't like music, it's stupid!
I love the soft sounds of classical.
Music from past generations.
I often enjoy a smooth jazz or instrumental.
Pop music. The pop stars are my biggest inspiration!

Favourite subject in school?

Home Economics!!
Physical Education.
That class where you bring the robotic baby home - that was a darling class.
Science of any kind!
Music, I guess. But I don't like any subjects, really.
Drama, it's the most fitting class for a star like me!
School is a waste of time.

How many friends do you have?

eh, one or two good friends.
NONE!! But I'm working on it!
A large group of friends.
I only have one best friend, but I'm kind to everyone.
My only real friend is my girlfriend/boyfriend.
I don't have any, they're too much work.
Absolutely everyone is my friend!
I used to have one, but now I have none.

What route would you choose?


What's your favourite colour?

The colour of glass, transparent.

Where would you prefer to live?

Wherever I live now, is home.
Anywhere my boyfriend or girlfriend is living.
In a hole.
Hollywood, babyy!
A world where I am the supreme.

What would your friends describe your personality as?

Lazy, but I'm totally not.
Perfect, prestigious....
A leader
Intelligent... and maybe a little shy.
Outgoing, and an inspiration!

Dream job?

To not have a job.
A solider.
I already have my dream job.
To take care of children, maybe even work as a teacher.
Something low-key, that uses my wits.
To make music.
To become a superstar!
Working at a morgue.

How do you feel about the word, "Peace?"

i guess it's a nice word.
I suppose that "peace" may be something that I may possibly enjoy?
I will only show my peaceful side, if you deserve it.
The most wonderful word in existence.
Super nice!
I only find peace within myself.
I honestly don't care, as long as everyone's attention is on me!