What chocolate cookie are you

3 different chocolate cookies what one are you? They have very different qualites

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If your friend was hurt would you

call for help
ask if they were okay
go for help with the hurt friend

What animal would you rather be

A lion
A monkey
A squirrel

What is your favorite character

Wreak it ralph
Sponge Bob
Fred Flinstone

If the cops were chasing you what would you do

turn yourself in
Run away making a search with a lot of people
Get in a car and ride away creating a massive car chase

What car do you want when your older

A truck

Would you rather be a...

Baby, toddler
Teen, adult
elderly, old
anything i don't care

What color combo would you be

Yellow and Red
black and pink
purple and green

What is your favorite weather


Which house would live in

A mansion
An apartment
A beach house

What video game would you be stuck in out of these three

Sugar Rush
Call of duty ( a horrible game )
Mario and Luigi