What chocolate cookie are you

3 different chocolate cookies what one are you? They have very different qualites

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If the cops were chasing you what would you do

turn yourself in
Run away making a search with a lot of people
Get in a car and ride away creating a massive car chase

Which house would live in

A mansion
An apartment
A beach house

What video game would you be stuck in out of these three

Sugar Rush
Call of duty ( a horrible game )
Mario and Luigi

What car do you want when your older

A truck

What is your favorite weather


If your friend was hurt would you

call for help
ask if they were okay
go for help with the hurt friend

Would you rather be a...

Baby, toddler
Teen, adult
elderly, old
anything i don't care

What is your favorite character

Wreak it ralph
Sponge Bob
Fred Flinstone

What animal would you rather be

A lion
A monkey
A squirrel

What color combo would you be

Yellow and Red
black and pink
purple and green