Are you good at comebacks?

Comeback Pro? Or just plain come back NO! time to test yourself and your comeback ability, ready to give it a go?

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Someone younger than you calls you Ugly, Youre just like..:

"Thats what your mum said when you where born!"
Youd probably honestly just look at them like, `whod you think you are. seriously?`
Stutter and then be like... "Well um right back at ya..!
think of a good one... Oops theyve gone!

Someone insists you take a crisp, youre about to take one when they snatch em' right back and laugh at you. Youre Just like:

"Gimme them" *Takes crisp and walks away
"You know, i didnt even want a crisp anyway"

Complete the sentences (with honesty ;) When someone throws a fast comeback...

You throw it back faster!
taking a mili second / second pause doesnt hurt , right?
they wouldnt dare throw a comeback, not to the comeback pro!

You're more comeback...

Pro than comeback no!
No than i am a comeback pro!
Slow , im not a comeback no!
Pro, I am never comeback slow!

Someone snatches your cookie! You just payed for this! You go and:

Fight,Get that cookie back and eat the last crumb
Catch em red handed, confront them, take that cookie!
Let them take it. the cookie was nice while it lasted . :(
Stand there. Just , literally.. stand there.
Chase them after the cookie. get it back and leave!
Spend rest of day chasing after it and probably failing and eventually giving up.

Someone makes fun of your insecurity.

Play the guilt game on them, make them so guilty they take it back.
They where probably joking. right?
*Stare Down begins

People at school are like:

Yeah, you are good at comebacks.
Come on. everyone knows youre terrible at comebacks !
Youre .. ok at comebacks :)
You dont do comebacks !
Comeback Pro is in the house!

Youre siblings/friends are like:

Im better at comebacks than you!
Im friends with the comeback pro!
Comeback no. Comeback aint' your thing

Youd be surprised if the quiz results where like:

Youre a comeback pro!
Youre a comeback NO!
Youre comeback slow!
...Im not sure what it will say.

You WOULDNT be surprised if the results where like:

Youre bad at comebacks
Youre good at comebacks
Youre alright at comebacks