What Type Of Flavoring Are You?

What type of flavoring do you use in your daily life? Are you always sweet? Spicy? Maybe even savory? Find out in this short, quick quiz!

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What Type Of Flavoring Are You?

How many friends do you have?

Uhhhh, idk, there's too many
Friends? What's that?
A good 10 maybe, they're all
really good people!
A few, maybe 3-5, around there

Do you like to party?

I've never been invited to one
HECK YEAH! Parties are my
life! Everyone always has a
great time!
I guess, they're not really my
style though
I party every now and then, my
friends and I like to have fun!

If your friend were to start crying, what would you do?

Uhm, I don't know, I'd try my
best to cheer them up but
emotions aren't my forte
I'd tell them to be quiet! Other
people have it much worse
than them, there's no reason to
be so sensitive
I'd give them affection of
course! I'd cheer them up right
away! They're my friend!
I'd crack a joke and make them
laugh! Laughter is the best

What would your friends say is most like you?

Perfectionist TO THE MAX!
Funny and charismatic
Kind and caring
Energetic and outgoing
Honest and straight to the
Prideful and irritable
Patient and attentive
Harsh and rude

Now, the age-old question! If there was a train going down the tracks and it was going to hit five workers, would you switch the track so that it hit an old man instead?

Can I merge the tracks so the
train hits them all?
I would find a way to stop the
train so that nobody gets hit
I would switch the track, it's
better for one man to die than
four, able-bodied, young ones
I would leave it, it's their fault if
they can't see and/or hear the
train coming and get out of the

Quickly, what flavor do you think you are?

Probably salty, that's what
people always say anyway
Sour I guess, who really cares?
I'm just bored
I'd say I'm sweet! I like people
and people like me!
Definitely savory! Who wouldn't
like this masterpiece?
I took this quiz for a reason
Well, I'm gonna find out!

Finally, how is your day going?

Boring, as always
It's going good! I talked to
some friends and listened to
some music mostly
Great, as always, I snuck out
and hung out with people, their
wasn't too much alcohol, I
Meh, it was fine
Why do you need to know?