Should you go to college?

This quiz tells you if you should go to college! It is extremely true!

published on August 08, 201521 responses 2 2.7★ / 5

Are you okay around other people...

Yeah!! People are my life!!!
No....I'm shy.....

Are you okay under pressure?

Yeah, I can get ANYTHING done! :)
No, I stress......

Do you spend your money wisely?

Yes!!! I only buy what I need!!!! :)
No!!! 14 air mattresses don't hurt! (the air mattresses are only for my collection of 74 dolls!)

Are you a slob?

Nope! Tidiness is key to life!
Yeah!!! Has anyone seen my pet cheeto?

Are you able to take care of yourself?

No. Mommy come wipe my butt!!!