What type of parent would you be?!

take this quiz and find out; Would you be a mean, chill, sassy, funny or annoying parent?

published on October 03, 201548 responses 6
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How many kids do you want?


You on a good day is most likely to act/be ....

inconsiderate - its your day, who cares about anyone else :)
in a generous mood
smiling, laughing and being lazy

your parents mostly yell at your for ...

being lazy
how selfish you are
stupid decisions you make
how in appropriate your banter is...

what kind of movies do you like?

teen movies
the really good ones with top ratings

imagine you have a 15 year old daughter... crazy right... Whats her name?

something really ugly and bad/ a name everyone hates /a name she probably wont like/ a name thats very
original or unheard of
An inspired / unique name that you and your partner chose
Named after your idol / favourite celebrity
One that makes you laugh every time you hear it

You find out her boyfriend is coming to dinner, the first thing you do is...

go red with anger. cancel it now - no boys round. your grounded, and your relationship is over.
think of which ways you could embarass your daughter tonight
quiz her all about her relationship and beg for all the details
nothing. whatever.

The door bell rings - hes here!

you open the door and greet him politely and welcome him into your home.
you break a slight sweat because youve been in bed all day because your so lazy and need to get dressed!
feel yourself heat with anger! no boys allowed you told her!
hop down the stairs and greet your guest - all whilst cracking some quality embarassing parent jokes . great

youre serving dinner and realise there isnt enough to give him aswell...

you give him your plate and lie to the family saying youre not hungry - how generous .
"i wasnt expecting a silly guest !" you yell angrily.
You resize all the portions. they look rather small now but oh well.
quietly cuss yourself out before thinking out an alternate solution

During dinner, he burps EXTREMELY loud.

you give him the most disgusted and horrified swear. "never will he come round again" you promise yourself
laugh and call him a lad
You carry on eating like you didnt hear that dinosaur roar of a burp
ask him if hes alright and needs a drink? the hell was that!

Its time for your guest to go. Your final thoughts are...

"good riddens" , and you cant wait to give your daughters the worst punishment of her life!
what. a. lad. "if only id recorded that burp." you think to yourself. it sounded like a literal roar.
i CANT WAIT to go back to bed! netflix ftw
"sooo cute! my little girly is all grown up!" you think to yourself. "when would you like to come round next?" you plead him.

You think youd make for a...

hilarious parent whos swag at the same time.
sassy , generous and kind parent!
one chilled out swaggy parent :)
strict, harsh, and cruel parent.