Which Divergent faction are you most suited for?

By taking this test, you can see which faction might be best for you! You cannot be Divergent, the test results cannot be inconclusive. Have fun!

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If you could play one of these instruments, what would it be?

banjo or guitar
Piano or keyboard
french horn or english horn
Trumpet or Trombone
jug or irish flute
castanets or guiro
Drums or tympany
maracas or cymbals
violin or viola
flute or pan flute

How do you feel about school?

I feel like it is an adventure just waiting to happen
I enjoy it but don't have much to say about it
I strongly dislike school, not that being smart is unimportant but...the other parts of school!
I go to school and like it.
I like to see other people at school

if you had to wear one of these colors every day, what would it be?

dark anything
two opposite colors
black and white

where do you LIKE TO spend your time

a farm
with people
without other people
a big city (I'm thinking Vegas)
the library
school-classrooms specificly
the amusement park
in an art place
the forest
in a music place

which of these symbols represents you best

an eye
a handshake
a set of scales
a fire
a tree