Are You More Starbucks or Cowboy?

Are You More Starbucks or Cowboy?

Are you more like our beloved Starbucks, or her bae Cowboy? Take this professionally-developed quiz for an in-depth personality analysis to find out!

published on September 28, 201515 responses 3 5.0★ / 5

Okay, we'll start with an easy question. What's your Starbucks order closest to?

I prefer my coffee black.
I usually go with something more detailed, like a venti iced nonfat dirty chai.
I prefer apple cider or hot chocolate to coffee usually.

How do you spend your free time?

I like to watch some Netflix, hang with friends, or get ahead on homework.
I try to catch up on sleep, procrastinate homework, and tease my nerd friends.
What's free time?

How do you best communicate?

Texting is my preferred method.
I like FaceTime, Snapchat, etc.

What is your favorite book of the bible of these choices?


What's your biggest pet peeve?

People in general just annoy me.
I hate when people steal or mess with my stuff.

What is more your style of music?

Greatest Hits- Chris Ledoux
Infinity on High-Fall Out Boy
The Walking in Between-Ben Rector

How do you normally dress?

Jeans, nice top
Patagonia shorts, t-shirt, ball cap, tennis shoes
Something in between

How would your friends describe you?


What is your food spouse?

A peach because it's soft, sweet, and refreshing especially in the summer.
Steak because it's comforting, tough on the outside, but warm and tender on the inside.
Cheeseburger because it's a classic, but also incredibly versatile.

What about your spirit animal?

I think I am most like a wolf.
I feel like lion is a good answer for me.
Easy...a dog.

Let's end on another simple question...Favorite scent?

Fresh laundry is the best.
Baking bread.