Faction - Your Divergent Story - Part 4

Faction - Your Divergent Story - Part 4

Hi! This is the fourth part of my "Faction - Your Divergent Story" series. I hope you like it!

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You and your mom are working in the candy shop. A strange lady walks in. You think you recognize her; she looks sort of like your mom, except she's professionally dressed.
She walks over to you, leans in to whisper in your ear, and -
- screams the highest, loudest, most annoying shriek you'd ever heard. You jump up, only to find yourself in the room from last night. Everything is coming back now; it was only a dream. (the noise is still going off, though; it was an alarm)

*looks to see if everyone else is up*
*can't stop thinking about your family*
"OH! MY! GOSH!! TURN THAT THING OFF!" *you shout as loud as you can*
*jumps off of the bed, walks over to the clock in the middle of the room, and punches it until it turns off* There. *falls
asleep in the floor*
Was it really necessary to make the alarm that annoying? I mean, seriously!

Ms. Dori, Ms. Lia, and some Dauntless guards walk in. Mrs. Lia clears her throat. "Silence, please!" The silence is suddenly so complete that you could hear a pin drop.

*stay quiet and wait*
*ditto to the above, except I'm nervously twisting my hair*
*clear your throat just to make sure you CAN make noise*
*punches wall just to violate the law of silence*
How does she do that? Every time! How?

Ms. Lia doesn't notice you, whatever you do, and she continues speaking, smiling in her sharp way. "Thannk you. Today you are going to your new Faction. Would everyone please dress quickly, grab your things, and make your way outside?"

*starts doing what she just said*
Sure. *nods and starts doing what she just said*
"Fine..." (Ms. Lia: *gives you a "shush or else" look*) *sighs and starts doing what she just said*
*doesn't move* (Dauntless Guard: *sees you not moving and comes over* Start packing. Now.) *shakes head in defiance*
No. (Me: Yes! *makes you do what she just said*) Humph.
If I don't, I may get in trouble. If I do, I will end up in Divergent. Do I even want to go to Divergent? There are so many
complications... *sigh* I guess I might as well... *starts doing what she just said*

Once you're packed, you start heading to a transport. It looks futuristic; like it could travel through space and time. You stop for a second. You expect a Dauntless guard to shove you and keep you moving or something, but nothing happens.
You look around. There are no Dauntless guards to be seen; just you and the rest of the girls.

We need to find them. What happened to them? Are they OK? (Me: I absolutely love it when the heroes care about the
villains.) *smiles* Thanks.
Where are the rest of the girls? Not all of us are here... (Me: They were split up into groups according to Faction.) Oh.
"Where did the guards go?" (Girl: *shakes he head* I don't know.)
Perfect! Now we can break out!
How did they all disappear? Where did they go? Why did they leave us alone? This is weird...

No matter what answer you chose, you realize that this is a great opportunity to escape. You grab the other girls and start forming a plan.

*just lets the others decide*
*tries to help while keeping the peace; if we tear each other to shreds we certainly won't escape*
*automatically starts inputting your opinion; if you have better ideas, you have better ideas*
*starts to run off; you can't wait all day* (Me: Oh no you don't! *teleports you back to the group*) -_-
*tries to think of a logical solution*

You all agree on a plan. Someone saw guards coming this way, so an Erudite suggested we use the vents. A Dauntless got it open, and you all started crawling through. All of the Abnegation insisted on going last. Somehow you end up at the back of the line. The girl in front of you is just entering the ventilation shaft when you hear shouts behind you. There's no time to get inside.

*shuts the door to hide them* At least they escaped.
*tries to get in, but can't, so stays outside and closes the door* I'm worried...
*tries to get in but can't* "Darn it!!!"
*immediately closes the shaft and runs away as fast as possible*
*closes the shaft and hurries off, hoping that you won't get caught and knowing that they'll know where everyone else is if
you stay right there*

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