Who is your role model

Who is your role model

It is very easy to know who is more like you. When you think about describing your friend(s), you describe them close to your personalities. Well, ever tried someone new to step in your shoes?

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Can you get friends easily?

1) I can get a whole group of friends in a week or two.
2) I can get friends in a month or more
3) I don't really have friends but I'm okay with that. I tend to know that I always have a friend inside of me that will keep me company.
4) It gets lonely without friends but I like to sit in the corner anyways.

Do you like to go outside on the beautiful lush grass, pray a nice prayer or sing a nice little song as if you were an angle living on Earth?

I sing songs and pray to myself. I don't care who hears or who says to be quiet, I will keep singing/praying.
I'm sing songs and pray to myself but I have to do it VERY low so the people who walk by won't hear me.
I'm like a little bird, but sometimes a lion gobbles me up before the chirp can come out.
I like to sing until a boy watches me out by his window.

If someone asks you to sing or show them how you dance, would you accept or would you decline (This is an optional question, it can be either)?

I dance horrible, but it's worth a shot! Doba doba doo, whoops! *trips*
Sing, okay. Screech! Oww! Eh, I like it.
s-sing?! Uhhh, I got to go study for an exam or something.
Hello, kid are you going to say something?

If someone told you something mean, would you care or would you change?

Mean? I'll show him mean! "Hey! Calm down!" sorry...
Mean? It's a waste of time hearing what others say about you. They say what they want, life is a boomerang. Plant a bad seed, a bad fruit will come back.
... Oohh, I need to talk to therapist.
I- *cries*

-This is a question about what others think about you. This won't affect your score. As some friends and pick what they said you mostly are-

Free Spirit
Wall Flower
I Didn't Do This One
None of the Above