Democrat or Republican?

Democrat or Republican?

Democrat, Republican, or not really any? It's just a personality quiz, so don't take it too seriously.

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Are you for/against same-sex marriage?


What do you think of gun restriction laws?

People should be allowed to own guns, it's the citizen's property
For the safety of citizens, people shouldn't be allowed to own guns

Should we 'bring the troops home' (have soldiers serving in other countries come back to the USA)?

No, we need to make sure those countries don't get out of hand
Yes, most of those countries don't need our help and can do without us

Which is more important?


Are you for/against abortion?


There should be more opportunities for...

The lower class
Business Owners

Should the government have more/less of a role in the lives of it's citizens?

Yes, it should
No, it shouldn't

What do you think of taxes?

Lower taxes, it will support spending which leads to a stronger economy
Higher taxes, so that we can better care for our citizens with the money