what mutant are you

mutants strike interest to a lot of people. Most wonder what kind they are, now you'll know!

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The military has come to your home and you just barely arrived they ask you to come with them. What is your first reaction?

I just leave that isn't so hard right
Lift them with my mind and then throw them
secretly light their cars on fire
run around them until they can't see me then knock them out
walk in and turn invisible beat them up
Beat all of them to a pulp and then take care of then bodies

Your first plan doesn't work they bring you to a big facility. They know about your powers, how did they find out?

well it's kind of hard to say maybe they are always watching
They don't have to look to much I don't really care who sees my powers
They probably seen me punch some kid as hard as I could
Don't know and really don't want to
maybe they hacked my brain waves
what can I say I don't like people

The military try's to make you work for them how do you react?

Screw them! I'll kick their butts and escape
I'll just leave ( with a little invisibility to help)
Run like heck
Use my power and fly away
burn them all down
just lift all that get in my way

If you had to get rid of your powers could you?

yes! definitely!
I don't know maybe but I like mine
maybe probably not
No! never ever ever
If I had to but I wouldn't at choice
Nope I'll stay the way I am

Do you judge others that are different then you?

I never thought about it that way but no
Not really I mean it's kind of hard to be different to me because I'm a, Well never mind No
sometimes if they are really weird
Yes I am not proud but I am honest
Never my mind is to preoccupied
yes! No! maybe so!(Coffee)!

war is inevitably what is your part in it? Why is it your part?

Fighter because I am nothing else
Spy/ traitor I may be able to get information but am easily influenced
Distraction I am crazy and can although it might be fun to go into war
Loading the guns would be cool because I could do it quickly
I'd probably be a healer because I don't like using my powers
distractor I could make and light bombs

pick then most appealing animal to you

grizzly bear