What type of person are you at school?

Bored, so I made this quiz. Y'all know what I mean. I just can't find something to do. Why do we need a description anywayz?

published on November 17, 201914 responses 0
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What to you do on the weekends?

Study, I need to keep my grades up. (Me: even if it's summer?)
I usually just hang at the mall with mah friends. We might have a pop quiz Monday but Ima skip school that week.
Dunno, probs accidentally beat you up. Maybe on purpose..
Probs jus' hang at my house, y'know, the usual

How about at school/college/work?

Ditch it. Heyl(im not allowed to swear) wif da fookeeng plan
I get called to the principal's office a lot because of b*shes
I just do my stuff
Do my stuff, then I'll either read or study

(This has nothing to do with it) Who is your favorite anime character from My Hero Academia?

Ida. (Eda?)
Deku/whatever Ida calls him
Bakugo/whatever "Deku" calls him

What are your grades?

F but idk

My quizzes are too short. :( okay next questiom

You think you will be a (based on description)

Now, don't be offended, being a ___ is a good thing....
You like to get in trouble. You never care where you have to be at what time or when. All that stuff. Boys might think you are
"hard to get" You can sometimes be a player.
You like to get in fights. Most of the time you argue or fight.Boys might think you are "hard to get."
You basically just pay attention. Do what your told. You can have trouble making friends sometimes too.