which food girl would date u?

which food girl would date u?

hehe i made ocs with my friend she wanted to make this xd hehe hehehe he

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whats ur fav color?

rainbows :3
skin color :)
um...... not of your business
pink or brown

what do you usually do on a saturday afternoon?

if u know u know ;)
watch anime,,
why do u wanna know :/

There's 10 minutes until the inevitable heat death of the universe. What will you do?

whatever i want.
get around to as many
people as possibe
slap the salami
watch the last episode of my
fav show owo

you're in school and see your friend getting bullied. what do you do?

i'm too scared to do
anything :(
they can deal with it
themselves, i don't have
time for that
snatch their weave

what's your favorite type of music?

heavy metal 🤘
vocaloid oops
trap & sadboi rap
classical & opera

most valuable object?

my virginity
my bed
my computer/phone
that's classified information
my anime figurines :D

what's your sense of style?

t shirt with no pants
super revealing
tight and professional
usually a cute tshirt and a
skirt or jeans :>

favorite type of soda?

gin & tonic ;)
i don't drink soda.
ramune :>
mountain dew

favorite animal?

naked mole rat
kitty =^-^=
i'm allergic to all animals

alright, thanks. cya

bye :/
bye :3
bye <3
bye ;)