Which Original Vampire Are You?

Which Original Vampire Are You?

A personality quiz aimed at deciding which original vampire you are most like.

published on June 06, 201573 responses 2 5.0★ / 5

What would be your main use for compulsion?

To get free stuff like drinks, clothes, etc.
To control those around me and command their loyalty for my own purposes.
I would do my best never to use it since it's a violation of personal freedoms.
To make others do whatever I want them to do for my amusement or pleasure.
I don't need it, my charm and words get me whatever I need.

Which goal do you want to pursue most in life?


What's your stance towards love?

I love blindly and recklessly, which often bites me in the ass.
It's a weakness I want to resist, even if I can't always.
I value it but do my best to resist it in fear of hurting others or being hurt.
Why would you want love when you can just have sex?
I'm rather naive when it comes to love and believe in true love.

What's the best part of being a vampire?

I can get whatever I want, whenever I want it without consequences.
There's nothing good about being a vampire.
It gives me the power and time I need to accomplish my many ambitions.
It gives me the power to protect those closest to me.
I can spend forever with the people or person I love.

What's the worst part of being a vampire?

The bloodlust.
It prevents me from using magic.
I can never have a family of my own.
Is there anything bad about being a vampire?
The distance it causes between me and the rest of humanity.

How do you look at your friends?

Tools to be used and then discarded.
Those few who truly get in my inner circle I love and want to protect at all costs, even if I have to go against their own wishes to do it.
I don't have many friends, even though I might want them.
The few people I let in, I value greatly.
As partners who I can help and who can help me in return.

What reason would you turn others for?

If I thought the person was deserving and they really wanted me to.
I would resist turning anyone to the best of my abilities.
If I loved someone and didn't want to lose them.
To use as tools or minions to use and then discard.
If I felt like it for whatever reason I had at the time.

How do you look at other humans?

Food for the slaughter or to manipulate to get what I want.
I envy normal people and wish I could live like them.
As generally better than the wretch that I am.
As admirable but you're largely isolated from them.
Puppets to use for my own whims and wishes.

What do you think of immortality?

It would allow me to see the entire world and all of its wonders.
I could party as much as I wanted without any fear of consequences.
I would prefer a short, fulfilling life with friends and family.
It would be a curse.
I would love to live forever because I simply have no interest in dying on anyone else's terms but my own.

If you heard a human nearby being brutally assaulted by a random assailant, what would you do?

I would compel them to shut up, since I'd be the one they were running from.
Turn the music up higher and keep dancing and drinking.
Dispose of the attacker in a swift and merciless manner, then compel the human to forget about me.
Scare the attacker off and only kill them if necessary.
Mercilessly hunt the attacker down, not only rescuing the victim, but making the attacker suffer a gruesome death.