When will I get my first period? (5)

When will I get my first period? (5)

Take this quiz to find out approximately when your first period will come!

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How old are you?

Under 9 years old

How old was your mom when she got hers?

Under 9 years old
I don't know

What is your bra size?

I don't wear a bra yet
Training bra
Size AAA
Size AA
Size A
Size B
Size C
Size D+

How is your underarm hair?

I don't have any yet
A few blonde hairs
Started to get darker
Getting curlier
I shave regularly
I shave about every day
I have a bush of hair under my arms

How much pubic hair do you have? (hair down there)

I don't have any
Only thin blonde hairs
A bit of brown hairs
Not a lot, but it's getting curlier and darker
Almost fully grown, curly and black
Fully grown

Do you get discharge? (whitish stuff in your underwear)

A little
Normal amount
A lot but it's managable
A lot

Do you have hair on your legs?

Yes, but blond and thin
Yes and it's getting darker
A lot of black hair

How much do you weigh?

50-60 pounds
60-70 pounds
70-80 pounds
80-90 pounds
90-100 pounds
100+ pounds

Do you get period cramps?

Only when I run
Rarely, only a few times
I get them a lot nowadays

Do you have mood swings?

I have my ups and downs
I can go from happy to angry easily
I get mood swings a lot

How is your self-confidence?

I am very self-confident
I'm confident, depending on the situation
I'm not very self confident
I am not self confident at all

Do you want to get your period?

No way
Sort of...
I can't wait!