Which Gnag Bnag member are you?

Which member of the infamous Gnag Bnag are you? FInd out in this personality quiz which is 96.37% accurate!

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Which of these nicknames would you prefer to have?

Captain America
Silly Dumk
Virgin Sex God

What's your favourite colour?

Peach :)
Feldgrau (colour of German army uniform)
Emerald green

What do people associate you with?

Communism, homicide techniques, height (lack of thereof)
Being rich, shoes, babies
Depression, anxiety, your ex
Hitler, abstinence, baby seals
Patriotism, the Declaration of Independence, eagles
"No strings attached", hairstyle changes, being prime minister

What would you be most likely to say?

"Oopsie doop T-T lmao vibes"
"Actually I'm five foot one AND A HALF"
"They weren't the right chocolate buttons and I'm upset now. Ah well may as well eat them"
"You used the wrong 'your'"
"That's not my baby!"
"I'm bored, might write another sonnet"

What is your favourite school subject?

Not English

What do you do to unwind after a long day?

Write a sonnet
Cry then nap
Compose for no reason
Browse sneakers online
Play video games
Check on the hostages

Who do people say you most resemble?

Hermione Granger
Any K-Pop star
Toughnut from How To Train Your Dragon
Shaggy from Scooby-Doo
Ted Bundy
A teddy bear

If you had a TikTok account, what would you do on it?

Just do everyday things like eating a biscuit and would still get views
Random videos that take true intellectuals to understand
Actual original funny content
You would never stoop low enough to get TikTok
Attempts at the dances

What is your favourite genre of music?

Emo stuff
Ya like jazz?
Musical theatre!!
Bangers only
Country roads...
Hippity hoppity

What is your family like?

I'm the oldest of two
I have half-siblings
I'm an only child
I'm the oldest of three
I'm the youngest
I'm the middle child