What Harry Potter character are you? (7)

what harry potter character are you? is a quiz. You can find out what you would be.

published on March 24, 201611 responses 3 5.0★ / 5

If a kid walked up to you and asked "Will you find my dog?" What would you say?

Well of course! And start looking.
Um, I would, but I don't really have time.
NO. Get lost kid.
Sure.....And then look for a little bit.

What would your everyday outfit look like?

A torn-up shirt and jeans.
A jacket and blue shirt, my everyday color.
My favorite black outfit.
Anything that is my style.

What is your worst fear?

Being nice.
People thinking I'm stupid.
Nothing. I have no fears.
Spiders! Duh.

Who do you look to for advice?

My books.
My best friends.
My instincts.
My followers.

What type of school project would you do?

A baking soda volcano 'cuz my sibling did that before.
A project in which I hurt something.
A ten page essay about anything.
A project that involves magic!