Is your character a Mary Sue / Gary Stu?

Is your character a Mary Sue / Gary Stu?

Granted, this is based solely off my own perceptions of what counts as a Mary Sue / Gary Stu, although I do have experience with such characters. This quiz can provide accurate answers for both original fiction characters and preexisting fiction characters. On an unrelated note, the cover image was drawn by the amazingly talented Peonyi on tumblr! Please, go check her out.

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Let's start off with the basics - How would you categorize your character's name?

Boring and/or not necessarily desirable.
Average, but relatively appealing to me.
Fairly unique, and generally nice sounding.
Moderately uncommon and/or does not match the character's cultural background (e.g. a character born and raised in the US having a Japanese name).
Long, beautiful, and rare. Their name is not easily recognizable to any cultural background.

Moving onto appearance, what kind of hair does your character have?

Greasy, thin, or messy. Generally undesirable.
Average style, not too over the top-Maybe a bit bold, but not in a weird way. Natural, normal hair color.
Moderately bold style (e.g. long pigtails, spiked with hair gel, etc). Some parts may be dyed, but not all of it.
Unusual or attention grabbing, with the full head of hair being dyed.
Super unusual and cute, with a naturally funky hair color.

What about their eyes?

They're a color that's generally considered unattractive.
A pretty basic color that I personally find appealing, but some people may prefer other colors.
A relatively uncommon color that I feel most people will like.
A color that you won't find on most people, and/or is particularly bright.
A color that is impossible to find on people naturally (e.g. white, purple, pink) and/or eyes that change color.

How would you describe your character's body type? If your character is male, select the last option and answer this in the next question. If your character is genderless or genderqueer, select the one that you think suits them the most in either question.

Physically unhealthy in multiple aspects.
Within an average range. They may be heavier or lighter than average, but they're still healthy.
Moderately thin (If your character has a mental or physical condition that causes this, go ahead and select the first or second option).
Small waist in comparison to her breasts and butt, but still physically possible.
Incredibly thin, with very large breasts and butt.
My character is a male / nonbinary and I will answer this in the next question.

If your character is a male or nonbinary, describe their body.

Physically unhealthy.
Healthy and average.
Relatively strong looking, but not to a horrific extent.
Very tall and strong.
Unrealistically fit and/or muscular.
My character is female / nonbinary and I answered this already.

And what about their personality? Is your character kind?

No, my character is angered easily and often snaps at people.
Not always, but if they are happy in their current situation and are being respected by whoever they are speaking to, they are kind.
More than people usually are.
They are kinder than is realistic.
Yes, absolutely! They are kind to everyone, but if you get on their bad side, they can and will hurt you badly.

Is your character courageous?

No, my character is a complete coward at all times.
As much as is realistic. They have their fears, but they would be willing to face them in a life or death situation.
Yes. They are bold, and have fewer fears and/or limitations than most people. However, they can crack under pressure and succumb to their fears.
Yes. They rarely let their fears limit them.
Yes, admirably so. They would be willing to face any of their fears at any given time; especially for someone they love.

How about intelligence? Is your character smart?

No, they are completely dumb.
They have average intelligence. They are well educated on some subjects, while they aren't on others.
Yes. They are well educated on more topics than they aren't.
Yes, they are very smart.
My character is an absolute genius.

And what about your character's parents?

They are very strict and watch over your character very carefully.
They care about the wellbeing of your character, but they will let your character do what they want within reason.
They abuse your character.
They almost always let your character do whatever they want.
They are not a part of the story and/or died when your character was young. Your character lives with a friend/sibling and can do whatever they want.

How many colors are present in your character's main outfit?

A few bland colors.
Mostly average colors that appeal to me personally, and I find that it works well with the character's personality.
Mostly bold colors, but I think they go together well.
Almost all bold colors, but it's because it suits the character's personality.
All bright and cute colors, but they don't go well together.

Let's talk about relationships. If your character is for a preexisting fiction / fandom, would they have a chance at being in a relationship with a canon character?

No, nor could they be with another OC.
Perhaps a slight chance with a minor character, but if they were in a relationship, I'd rather it be with another OC.
Most likely.
Absolutely, and/or they already are.
I have an original fiction character.

What is your character's relationship like with other characters in the setting?

Terrible, but my character is to blame.
Decent (slightly above or below average, maybe), depending on who they're with.
Good with most characters.
Most characters significantly enjoy my own.
Perfect with everyone. Every character (or almost every character) has a crush on mine, but don't get on their bad side, because they will kill you.

That's the end. Thanks for taking my quiz! (Answer doesn't affect results.)

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