Aptitude Test - Divergent

Aptitude Test - Divergent

This will take you through an aptitude test I myself created (not based on the one from the book) and will give you your result from the choices you make. The choices—as most of you know—are Dauntless, Erudite, Candor, Amity, Abnegation, and Inconclusive (or Divergent). If you want the most accurate results, be a Candor and be honest. Pick the most truthful bullet. Anyway, enjoy the aptitude test and good luck!

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You are in your schools cafeteria and your name gets called. You get up slowly and follow the woman to an empty room. Inside, the room is made of mirrors and there is only a desk next to a chair looking like a dentist's chair. There is another woman inside wearing Abnegation grey. What do you do?

Sit in the chair automatically, under the impression that you are required to.
Wait by the door until the woman tells you otherwise, obeying her wordlessly.
Ask, "What is this all about? What will you do to me?"
After a second, sit in the chair. That's what chairs are for (duh!)!
Take a step further in and ask, "Should I sit?"

The woman remains silent except to tell you to sit in the chair (only if you didn't pick a sitting option in the first question). (Now for everyone...) In the chair, you watch the woman go about her business. She then hands you a blue liquid in a clear glass, saying "Drink this." You...

...accept it with a smile and a soft, "Okay" and "Thanks..."
...ask, "Why should I? What will it do?"
...wonder silently, 'How does it work?' but you take the drink and reluctantly sip it.
...take the plunge and drink it, only hesitating enough to think, 'what it this is poison?"
...accept it without complaint, not wanting to make the woman uncomfortable.

The liquid makes your eyelids feel heavy and soon you are drifting off into blackness. Suddenly you feel the need to open your eyes and you are in a completely different place. First you notice you are standing on a white square held in the air by a jagged, square column. Around you are white walls, far below you is a pit of lava, and in front of you—mounted on the wall just a few feet out of reach—is a red button. What do you do?

At the risk of falling and dying, you ignore the button and slowly climb your way down, using the niches on the column as handholds. You know that one slip can mean death for you.
Estimate the distance between yourself and the button, several different ideas forming in your head. Then, you execute the best one.
Look around you for an easy way out... then freak out.
Gather your surroundings for something to poke the red button.
Look down, then at the button, then frown, already stumped.
Muster all the strength and speed you can and leap off the edge of the square, stretching your arms to at least push the button.

The scene melts away and is replaced by a field of grass. Close to you, making a circle, are three tall, triangular rocks. At the base of each of them is an item. The rock in front has a map at its base, the rock to your right has a loaf of bread, and the rock to your left has a dagger. You can only take one item, so you take...

The map. It will help you find your way home.
The bread. You know you'll get hungry out here.
The dagger. Now you have protection... if you have any clue how to wield it.
Nothing. You cross your arms and demand why you must.

Your decision is made and the rocks and other items disappear. In the distance you see a large, grizzly bear. It seems to be headed your direction. However, behind you appears a small boy around maybe eight. He is frightened and is looking at you in fear. You only have yourself and the item you chose previously. How do you react?

Kneel down and tell the boy it will turn out okay, then you stand between the bear and him, shielding his life with your body.
(Only if you chose the dagger): You face the bear head on and try to kill it when it reaches you.
(Only if you chose the bread): You reach your hand out and give the bear the bread. The bear takes it and leaves.
You remember something that would be useful in this situation... something about trying not to move while a heavy mass comes barreling your way... ?

The scene once again disappears and this time you are in a bustling city. You walk a bit and come to a crosswalk. A homeless man, dressed in rags, comes up to you, asking for money and/or food. The light indicates that you can start crossing.

...give a smile and hand him the apple you had in your bag.
...feel sorry for him and hand over the money and apple you were saving for lunch.
...mutter loud enough, "It's your own fault you're homeless," and cross the street.
...ignore the man and dart across the street as fast as you can.
...mumble, "Sorry, I don't have anything," and walk away with the rest of the crowd.
...kick the man away. It's fake, a simulation, no one can judge. ((me: you REALLY would choose this?))

After crossing the street, you come across a subway entrance. You decide to go in, purchasing a ticket and swiping it through before getting onto the station platform. A few minutes later the train arrives and everyone gets out while you get on. Your car is empty except for a middle-aged woman reading a book. She looks kind of familiar, but you have no idea why. What is your next move?

You say, "You look really familiar. What's your name?"
You have an idea why this is in the simulation so you do something unexpected. "What are you reading?" you ask.
You keep quiet.
You try to not pay attention to the woman, but it is too hard and you stare directly at the woman, trying to come up with a reason why she is here, alone, on this train.
You say, "Hey, who are you?"
After a silent moment you decide to strike up friendly conversation, intending to ask the question of "who are you?" later on.

Suddenly, you blink and you are back in the simulation room. The woman unattaches the electrodes from your head and you stand up from the chair. Before leaving, the woman stops you to spill the results. How do you feel?

Admittedly, nervous. I'm scared to think what I got...
You feel fine. You know EXACTLY what you got.
You don't know.
You are honestly... excited, anxious, restless... a mixture of all.
The results won't change your decision. You're happy where you are.

The woman monitoring your test says your results are inconclusive. Your reaction?

I'm confused. Why can't my results be straightforward?
How can I be more than one faction? you think. That's not how the test it designed.
Your saying I'm different? Different from the rest?
You glare at the woman and demand, ""Is this a joke?"
You take it in silence, unsure what to say.