Nerd or Popular ?

Are you a Nerd or are you Popular or maybe in the middle? Well,only you can find out if you take this quiz!

published on December 03, 201556 responses 22 3.0★ / 5

What kind of music do you listen to ?

Today's music
70's 80's 90's
Any music....or Maybye Rock 'n roll

Do you like school ?

Yes,of course I school!!!!
No,only nerds like school!!!!
I don't have an opinion

What is your purpose for school ?

To have many friends and be popular!!!!!
To learn and be a smarty pants!!!!
No purpose

What do you wear ?

Converse A red jacket that has the first letter of my name on it blue jean pants
Wierd clothes and glasses
Average clothes

Your reaction to homework:

Not homework it's boring and what a waste of time!!!!
Yes!!!! Homework is my favorite!!!!

How often do you get crowds of attention ?

Never...beacause I'm the nerd!!!!

How many friends do you have ?

A lot fact maybe none