What diesney princess are you?

Ever wondered what diesney princess you were? Then this is the quiz for you! Btw I'm new to qfeast so please no haters! Toodles!

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What defense weapon would you use?

Frying pan
Bow and arrow
Tiger. ROAR

What is you goal in life?

To see the floating lights
To get legs
To make peace between the native Americans and the pilgrims
To take my fathers place in the military
To find a prince

What pet would you have?

Chameleon. ( good at hide and seek)
Tiger. GRRR
None. I don't need one
Dragon! ROAR!

Describe yourself:

Quiet and shy
Adventurous and outgoing
Sneaky and determined
Adventurous and sneaky
Fearless and courageous

What is your main feature?

My hair
My tail
My male disguise
My pet
My bravery

What is your culture?

Native American
I don't think I have one....0-0
Fish :)
Chinese / Asian

What do you absolutely NOT want to happen?

Cut my hair
For my father to go in the military
For the people of my religion to not get along with the pilgrims
For my father to sacrifice himself for me
Nothing really....