Which Kanto starter Pokemon are you? (1)

Which Kanto starter Pokemon are you? (1)

See what Pokemon starter fits you the best, or see which one you are most like.

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What is you favorite color of the following?

All three.

You face Brock and his Onix, do you...

Slash at then with leaves.
Coat you claws with steel and strike.
Blast water in Onix's face
Bribe Brock with money to let you win.

How is you relationship betweenyou and your friends?

Great! My friendship is always getting better
My friends just think I am cool and hang around me.
My friends and I are always there for each other.
Me and my friends travel around anywhere we feel
like it.

Team Rocket is stealing a Pokemon, what do you do?

Paralyze him with plant spores
Battle to stop him.
Blast water in His face too.
Punch him and call the authorities.

You meet a Rattata with it's sharp teeth and you can't escape, do you...

Put it to sleep with spores.
Slash at it.
Spin in circles to make it confused and tackle it.
Throw a pokeball at it.