Aptitude Test (3)

Aptitude Test (3)

Welcome, to a series of questions that will determine the rest of your life, descisions, and friends. Now, drink this.

published on May 25, 201464 responses 9
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You are walking your dog (the dog doesn't like other people). A little girl walks up to the dog to pet it, what do you do?

Tell her the truth about the dog
Keep calm and hope for the best
Tell the girl an explanation why she shouldn't pet him
Grab his muzzle
Say "He doesn't like to be pet, sorry."

You overhear your friends talking about another student, what do you do?

Tell the student!
Explain a theory of mathematics
Walk over to them and tell them to quit.
Oooh! Fun!
Don't get involved, no gossip!

You are walking down the street, and someone is hit by a car, how do you react?

Go help the victim
Go to the scene and find the attacker
Survey the scene
Keep Calm and Carry On
Call 911 and spill!

You are sitting outside, you see a man wearing a ski mask drag a body into bushes, what is your reaction?

Call 911
Find the Killer
Help the body come back to life
Run inside
Chase the ski mask guy

You are in a movie theater, and you hear a gun shot, how do you react?

Tell the police!
Fight Back!
Outsmart him!
Protect Others!