Which Over the Garden Wall Character are you?

Which Over the Garden Wall Character are you?

Who are you from this amazing mini series? Wirt, Greg, Beatrice, or the Beast? This is my first quiz so sorry if it's bad or anything...

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You're walking through the forest and you need some sort of shelter before night falls. You see a small tavern ahead, but it looks dangerous. What do you do?

I hesitate to go and explore, but I eventually
wander over to check it out.
I go right head!
I just go. I'll avoid the danger though, if there's any...
I stay away. I don't need to stay somewhere for the night, I LIVE at night...

You end up entering the tavern and no ones there, though a fire place is lit and you can smell some sort of pastry cooking. Do you explore or stay by the fireplace?

I call out to see if anyone is there.
I'd probably explore...
I stay where I am and wait.
I never entered the tavern in the first place, but I'd probably stay in the shadows where no one can see me.

You find out someone was here! It's a young woman around the age of 20 or so. She asks who you are and why you 'broke into' her tavern.

I answer and tell her I just needed a place to stay for the night. I explain that is leave right away in the morning.
I apologize for intruding and tell her you thought no one was home.
I'd tell her who I was, I wouldn't go any farther then that.
I do nothing.

The woman lets you stay and offers you a pastry and some water. What do you do?

I thank her and take the pastry and water she gave me.
I take the food and water after thanking her.mi eat and drink quickly.
I hesitate to take anything.
I stay quiet.

The woman asks why you were out in the forest so late at night.

I tell her I was lost and just trying to get home.
I explain I was lost.
I say I had just been walking home but couldn't make it home before dark.
You tell her you love being out at night but had no idea why you were here.

She tells you to get to bed and you go. After about 10 minutes, you hear a noise. What do you think it is?

The woman probably just knocked over something...
Maybe the woman's pet dog that was sleeping when I had gotten there!
I think its nothing and go back to sleep.
I think the woman fell.

You wake the next morning and go into the living room. The fire place had no fire in it, and the room was seemingly destroyed. The woman had disappeared also, but there were foot prints leading outside. Your reaction?

I wouldn't know what to do!
I might follow the footprints to see where the nice lady went! Maybe her friends came over and she forgot to clean up the mess?
I leave and follow the footprints.
I laugh and track the woman down...

After about 30 minutes of walking, you finally find the woman! Except... Something's wrong... She's completely turned to wood! Who do you think did this?

I don't know! A witch or something!
I wouldn't know who did it! I wouldn't even think of who did it!
She did it to herself. She was cursed.
I did this to her! *evil laughter*

A shadow approaches behind you slowly, wrapping around you. You're then trapped in the branches of the same wood the woman was turned to. You're confused, what's your first move to get out of the trap?

I try to free myself, but can't.
I call out for help!
I break any branch that comes near me, but I'm eventually wrapped in them and unable to get out.
I'm putting the branches on a person! I'm not the one getting wrapped in them!

Before long, you can't move, and the branches are trying to suffocate you. Your reaction?

Continue to fight against the branches!
Help! Help!
I can't loose yet! I keep fighting!
I laugh because I'm doing this to someone else.

Your vision blurs and your eyes shut. You then wake up, terrified. You're back in the woman's tavern, and this time a different woman is with you.

What...? Was that a dream?
Am I dead?
What... Happened?
How am I here? Explain yourself mortal!

She tells you she found you wrapped in branches. You were still alive, so she freed you and brought you to her sister's home.

You thank her go for saving your life.
The kind lady was your sister??
I thank her, but then tell her I have to get going.
I don't say anything and I leave.

You leave her home after she gives you a meal. You finally make it home after this journey!

I tell my family I missed them, but say nothing about the branches.
I immediately start telling them everything that happened.
You hug your family members and tell them nothing.
I don't have a home.

I hope you enjoyed!

This was great!
I loved this, hope you make more!
It could've been better.