How many people would you kill for you senpai?

How many people would you kill for you senpai?

Yandere simulator. You have to kill people in order to get your senpai to love you will you go extreme or just kill the people with the hudge chrushs. And zero people is not an option.

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Do you have a senpai

I have a chrush
I wish
Why would I tell you

Your senpai has a girlfriend and its serious what do you do

Well I guess senpai will never like me
*crys in a corner*
Runs around swearing
I have an idea but it's aweful how would I
bear to kill someone
Kill her she must be gone
Hire someone to kill her

Let's say you have to kill the girlfriend How would you kill her

Bow and arrow
Poison her
Push her off a building
Run her over :)

The girlfriend is with a large group of people

I can't wait kill them all
Hide and when no one is looking poison her
Wait for her to leave
Go away try agian tomorrow
Get her to leave the room then kill her


That's awful
Who do you even think such things
Sound fun
It's fun to watch but scary in real life
Meh I play yandere simulator but killing meh

School play someone who likes senpai is in it

Turn the play into a murder play literally
Kill her while she's in the bathroom reapplying
her makeup
Wait intill after the play then invite her over
for her death
She doesn't even like senpai that much it's
not necessary YET
Leave what's the point I need to kill people
who love senpai like love

Who many people would you kill?


Your best friend likes senpai

I can't kill them... Duh
Kill her high school friends don't last anyways
Who cares I made it perfectly clear he's mine
oh crap now I have to kill my best friend

D I d you like the q u I Z

I hope I kill a lot of peeps
I just want to see my answer
Yah duh