Are you a good big sister ?

Let's see if you're a good big sister or not! Usually big sisters are not a good example so what ?

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Your little sister is singing the annoying my little pony song what do you do ?

Put on your headphones and listen to some
Call your mom
Yell at her Intill she stops
Get her busy by making her draw a picture for you

Your little brother needs help with cleaning his mess what do you do ?

Help him even though its his mess
Leave him to clean up his own mess
Say no and let him cry
Call mom to tell him to leave you alone

Your little sister has a birthday party and gets a tablet even though you never got one how do you react ?

Praise and be grateful
Say bravo in sarcasm
Start saying mean things
Be jealous

Your brother got an A+ on his math test when you got all A's on your report card and everyone is cheering for him what do you do ?

Be jealous
Be grateful
Show your report card after him
Say mean things

Your sister washed dishes even though she did a slappy job and everyone cheered for her what do you do ?

Be jealous
say mean things
Think no one cares for you beacause of her