Hogwarts Sorting Quiz Golden

Which house? Grifendoor, Hufflepuff, Slythern, or maybe Ravenclaw! Well you will find out in this quiz!

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Which book

Quitige tricks to win any
quitige game
Guid to take care of any
mythical wounded animal
All the books!
The mystical world of dark
Dragon training

Which box?

A golden box with a prized
golden charm inside
A little green box with a
poor little creature inside
A red gaged box with all the
knolage in the world
A blue big box that is
shaking around and making
weird noises

You're in a competition and the judges say you will be juged on teamwork you...

Get mad! That's not fair
Ok I'll do all the dangeres
Yah! That's what I do best!
Huh? I thought this was
about plans...

Wich club?

Animal club
Social club
Study club
Quidige! I must win!
Quitige! Adventure!

You want to be...

The great

A nerd is being bullied you...

Ignore it, what ever!
Ignore it but feel bad!
After talk to the nerd and
make him feel better!
Go up and yell in the bullies
Pick on the nerd to
You have already figured out
that nothing can stop

Which desert?

Dark cheese cake
Lucky cake! Legend has it
that it brings luck!
Sweet pink cookie! You only
eat half you give the other
half to your friends!
Rainbow organic cake
Mystery cake! The flavor

Some one tells you you look ugly you..

Run away and cry
Talk to your friends about it
Grunt in their face and
say,"Shouldn't be judging
me mud blood!"
Tell them very bravely to
knock it of!
Run away and read a book
know one cares what they
Tell them some facts to
make them shut up

Your in a big quitige game you...

You must win! You will do
whatever you need to win!
You dive right in! Even
though it might be dangers!
You just use teamwork it's
all about fun and friends!
You come up with a game
plan to win!

Wich path?

A jagged torn up path
A golden path
A path made of books
A yellow little path with tiny
creatures all around it