Do you have a bright future ahead of you?

Do you have a bright future ahead of you?

Everyone WHATS a bright future. so don't worry you're not alone. Just create some space to take this quiz. It will tell you whether you SHOULD work harder, improvement needed, or keep up the great work!

published on December 11, 201432 responses 7 4.0★ / 5

Are you have a discipline for reading, chores, and getting up early?

Nah, just sleep through the alarm and need someone to wake me up.
I get to school an hour late (or less) so... we good?
I get to school an hour early!

What do you get on your tests/classwork/homework

A+, A, B
B-, C, D
D-, F, Z (zero)

Are you a sucker for school?

School is life!
Still gonna say ...
Not sure I should say...

Do you like science/math/reading/social studies?

Of course! Who doesn't?
Not really...

Do you find your books interesting?

I just slack off- I pretend I'm reading but really my mind's wandering around the world.
uhhh, no really. I read without paying attention.
I read a whole book in like 3 days or less!