Which Superwholock villain are you?

Find out if you are Moriarty, the Master, Missy or Lucifer! This is a superwholock type thing so if you are only familiar with one I'm sorry.

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What good is this?

What good is this?
I can make an army!
I can raise death with enough of those
Is my nemesis in it?
No use to me

Do you have a nemesis?

Yes... He was supposed to be dead
Answer 3 I'm with you on that one... Although my boyfriend might count
Does the human race as a whole count?

Any siblings?

Yes...don't make me count them... there are way to many
No... but my nemesis does.
Thank heavens not.
My old friend was like a brother to me...

Who is this?

Who is this?
My boyfriend
My old friend

What is your opinion on humans?

Aren't ordinary people adorable? And they are sooo boring
I hate them, I want them all dead, Father loved them more! I disserve his love! They aren't even perfect! They don't respect him!

How would you take over the world?

Make everyone think like me...
Why would I want to do that

What race are you?

Human...genius...both work I guess
Time Lady...I'm old fashioned
Time Lord

How many times have you died?

You really want me to count?
Well... I only faked my death once...
Does going to hell count?
Umm I've only been a girl once... I'm not counting the boys.

Some body just tried to kill you...what are you gonna do about it?

Order them killed... I have a network that can take care of that for me.
Snap my fingers...oops looks like they just exploded...
My paradox globes should do the trick.
Cybermen! Get them!