What age do you act like in my opinion?

What age do you act like in my opinion?

Again, nothing too special, just another random quiz if mine! Hope you like it.

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Someone hands you cash, what do you do? ?

Take it and run off
Take it, and say thanks.
Look at it
Take it, but ask why.

Theres a mess in your kitchen that you might have done. What do you do?

Blame it on someone else
Clean it up
Psssh!! Duh, play in it!
Taste test...
Make who did it clean it up. (Or
just make someone else clean
Just leave it there...

A baby starts crying (its your baby family) . What do you do?

Get an adult
Join them
Give it a banana
Try everything
Console it, try ti find out what
they want.
Tell em to shut up

This is a short quiz, aint it?

I guess?
Too short.
Long enough for me.

Youre walking to the store and a young child runs up to you and screams "EXCUSE ME!". What do you do?

Tell them to scram
Ignore them- its best to make
sure they don't get triggered.
Attempt to fart and scream
excuse me back
Run off saying eww
Probably cry