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Are to-do lists helpful?

Just another thing I have to do!
Yes - Otherwise, I will forget everything I have to do!
They can help keep me on track occasionally.
I'd rather just go with the flow!

Do you prefer to would in groups, or would you rather work alone?

Do I have to?
Group work is awesome!
Maybe one or two.

When given a task, how quickly do you do it?

When is the due date?
We had a task?!?!
As soon as I get it!
A couple days afterwards.


A couple close ones.
No. Thanks for reminding me.
All around me!
Yep, they have four legs and bark.

It's almost midnight, you have unfinished homework that is due tomorrow, what do you do? (Let's assume your grade is currently at an A)

Stay up all night to finish, it's my fault for not having it done.
That wouldn't happen. My homework is days before it is due.
Go to sleep - My health is much more important than a grade.
My pal will let me copy off of them in the morning, no biggie.