Which Liv and Maddie character are you?

Are you Liv, Maddie, Joey, Mom, Dad, Parker? This would be one fun family to be with!

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Where do I go on an unexpexted day off?

Let's take the car to Vegas!
Dude we need a bro- cave in our room!
Invite a couple of friends over to do facial makeovers!!!!!! We can start on the clothes and go to the mall after that!!
Hit the couch and watch some Downtown Abbey
THE GYM. This basketball team needs some work if we want to win peoples. BAM- WHAT!!!!
Oh great a day off! Lets go eat at the restaurant nearby!
Umm lets just have some fun who knows what we'll do

A friend invites you over............. you'll probably

Prank call some random people
Bond with your basketball team
Lets see how crazy we can make an outfit!!
We can chat while watching a movie with a cup of coffee
Definitely play video games all night!!!
Watch sports and talk about the new players!
Umm do a makeover and shoot some hoops.

What is your favorite subject

Gym class

If a friend is feeling down

Tell them to get over it
Who cares
Shoot some hoops and let them win
Talk it over with them
Try to make them feel better
Buy them a new pair of shoes

Your friends want to go bunjy jumping. What do you say??

NOOOOOOO my makeup will be ruined
Sure after maybe we could shoot some hoops?
Wait you mean in real life not in a video game??
Are you sure that would be safe??
I guess we could
Umm are you sure i mean i guess we could though.

Which phrase do you think you would be most likely to say??

Bam- What
Sing it LOUD
Are you ok?
Hurry up we need to work
One second let me finish this video game
BAM- loud?????
Lets do it