What is your personality? (33)

Find out what your personality is now and see what others will think of it.

published on January 18, 20184 responses 0

If you saw your friend in a fight what would you do?

Go for help
Jump in and help
Break the fight up and take your friend to the nurse
Break it up so you can fight the one who was fighting your best friend
Start telling your friend how to fight and yell that you dont like the moves she doing.

If someone wanted to do something after school what would your response to them be?

Sit quietly and nod.
Say that sounds like fun even if you dont like it.
Argue that you dont like there idea.
Say yes then start thinking about the crazy fun your gonna have.
Start getting hyped up.

If your you had a party how would mostly be invited?

Anyone that wanted to come.
Uh me having a party No!
Oh well anyone that would like too any one is welcome.
My group and a few more so we can turn up.
Anyone maybe but im ready to kick them out if i dont like them.

If you got in trouble what would people most likely think you did?

Got in to a fight over some one running the mouth.
Probably doing some funny prank on some or helping with a fight.
Getting smart with a teacher because well any reason
Id never do anything to get in trouble.
If i done anything bad people would not know i did it.

How offten do you do school work.

Never maybe once.
When i feel like its gonna do something for me if i do it.
Usually all the time i might forget one time.
All the time it would be rude not .
Um only of i agree with what its about.