Which of my Ocs are you?

Which of my Ocs are you?

Which of my Ocs are you most like? This quiz is about all of my original characters.

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Rp time!

Do I have too?
This might be fun.
*tries to escape* me-grabs and ties to a chair-
Throw Oranges at him!
Laugh hysterically
*death stare*

Let Fate decide.

Let fate decide
Let fate choose
Let fate define you
Accept your fate

Everyone in the world is dying.You can save one person. Who?

My Bff
My lover
My child
Random person.
Nobody. If you let one person live then they would be lonely until they too...die

Your type of government


You are walking down a hallway and someone tries to set fire to a bunch of books. What do you do?

"Do you need help with that?"
*Pulls out battle ax* "touch them and say goodbye to your penis."
*walks pass*
Stand and watch
*dumps your lunch on his head*
Destroys the world!