Are you excited for the movie Mockingjay part 1?

Are you excited for the movie Mockingjay part 1?

This quiz is to see if you're really excited for the movie Mockingjay or if you don't even know the movie Mockingjay is. This quiz might even show you how much you know about the movie Mockingjay. Don't put any spoilers of Mockingjay in the comments thanks for taking the quiz!

published on July 06, 201410 responses 0
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Have you watched Hunger Games?

I don't know what that is.
I wanted to but I can't.
I've seen it before.
I've seen the movie and read the book!

Did you like the movie?

Of course not, mainly because I don't know what it is.
Again wish I could have seen it but didn't!
It was a pretty good movie I enjoyed it.
I loved it!! There isn't a reason not to like it.

Did you watch Catching Fire?

Okay I told you already I didn't get to watch the first one so what makes you think I watched the second
one, I'm getting mad because I've always wanted to watch it. Gosh!!!
What's that?
The second movie is even better than the first it keeps getting better and better!! (if you are choosing this
answer it means you have read the second book.)
Yea I liked it.

Did you like Catching Fire

I want to say yes but I didn't get to watch it!
Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I've seen it at least 3 times!
If I don't know what it is how am I going to tell you if I like it or not?
On a scale of 1 to 10 it was a 7.

What is Katniss' last name?

*Stares at the question wondering why am I taking this quiz*

How did Katniss' father die?

An explosion is what I heard people say.
I didn't know this was a scored quiz?!? (Me: Well actually it's not)
It was an explosion in a mine.

Did you read Hunger games?


Does Katniss have a brother or a sister?